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Default Custom Career- How to change salary, ideal mood, working days and hours?
In this Tutorial L'll show you how make a custom career more.... customize

You will learn how to change:

ideal mood
salary (pay per hour)
working days
working hours

What U need?
sims 4 Studio
.packege file of custom career wich u want to change

open sims 4 studio---->>>my projects----->>> .packege file

Now you can see all files included to Career Mod. xml, data, sbtl and image
We need to find Career level Tunning (column TYPE) - there you gonna change all the basic things.
Find the file with the appropriate name that contains the level of career you want to make changes.
You need to edit 2 types of files: Career Level Tunning and Data and put the same values in the right places (Look at screenhots)

<<<<<<<All instructions shown in screenshots>>>>>>>>>

I hope I described it clearly. It's just plain simple!

Have fun!
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